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Series 3 – Blog #10 – Common Reasons for a Background Check

Background checks are all about providing peace of mind for a client. An answer to the question is this person trustworthy? in a variety of capacities.

What’s pushing Wisconsinites to hire a private investigator to run a background check? Here’s our most common case types.

  • Personal Relationships

Before starting a new relationship, many men and women want to know what they’re getting into. Be it making sure the potential other half is single, checking for a history of violence, or wanting to be reassured that what’s been mentioned on dates is true, many people want assurance they’re getting involved with someone trustworthy.

  • Employment

Hiring the right staff is essential for any company, and many businesses want to be absolutely certain that they’re hiring the right staff. This protects both the company itself and a company’s clients because a bad employee brings a lot of negative attention. These checks can be small, such as confirming a resume is accurate, to a comprehensive understanding of how a potential employee has acted in certain situations.

  • Security

Everyone wants to make sure they’re safe, but the desire increases when it comes to protecting children. From a father wanting a better understanding of local babysitters and day camp counselors to a single woman nervous about her new neighbor, these clients want to know if they have a secure work and home environment.

  • Business Deals

For those buying or selling a business, or looking at a partnership, it’s important to do due diligence about both the businesses and the personnel involved. Clients making business decisions have a lot of money at risk. Having all the information possible allows them to make informed decisions.


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