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Investigative Services

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Asset Search

Asset searches are conducted to discover an individual’s assets (to seek hidden wealth). The reason for asset searches include: divorce, employee fraud/ embezzlement, business partners due diligence, etc.

Background Checks

Background checks are conducted to discover a person’s identity. Undertaking such checks finds out, residence (and residence history), employment, vehicle ownership, criminal/civil background, bankruptcy records, judgments, phone numbers, and much more.

Bug Sweeps | TSCM

Third Coast Investigations utilizes multiple years of experience and the latest available equipment to conduct our sweeps. TCI has organized bug sweeps for Fortune 500 companies and family residences always leaving our clients satisfied.

Child Custody Investigations

Our child custody investigations are conducted to assess the well-being and safety of children in custody disputes. Third Coast Investigations gather evidence, interview relevant parties, and observe parental behaviors to determine the most suitable living arrangement. These investigations play a crucial role in ensuring the best interests of the child are met while resolving custody matters..

Digital Forensics

Third Coast Investigations are experts in the digital forensics field. If you are in need to discover if there is any tracking or suspect of being hacked on a device, our specialists will help solve the matter. Our team specializes in: analysis, discovery, and evidence collection.

Elder Abuse Investigations

Elder Abuse Investigations occur when an individual believes their loved one is being mistreated in forms of physical, emotional, financial, sexual, domestic abuse or self-neglect.

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity is the act of cheating on a loved one. Our agency investigates by conducting surveillance, digital forensics, background checks, and more. Third Coast Investigations specializes in infidelity investigations.

FMLA Investigations

FMLA investigations aim to ensure compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which grants eligible employees unpaid, job-protected leave for specific family and medical reasons. Investigators scrutinize employer practices, employee eligibility, and documentation to verify FMLA adherence and safeguard workers’ rights to take time off without fear of retaliation.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud is the act of lying to an insurance agency/company about an injury, death, or auto claim. Our job is to prove the act of lying. Insurance investigations include: surveillance, recorded statements, background checks, and more.

Missing Person Investigations

Missing person investigations are conducted for multiple reasons including: missing person, personal, financial obligations, and more. Whatever the instance our agency uses our resources and experience to solve your case.

Network Security

Third Coast Investigations is one of the first agencies to offer network security. In the midst of a new generation of attacks on home networks and in the age of where we store our most personal information on the internet we expect privacy. Unfortunately, hackers have learned how to push through general security that ISP (internet service providers) provide. We are here to make sure your internet and devices are secure.

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance operations occur when visual evidence is needed. Surveillance can be used in insurance, infidelity, child custody, elderly abuse, and more investigations. Third Coast Investigations specializes in this service.

Work from Home Investigations

Work-from-home investigations delve into employees’ remote work practices and productivity. Employers may examine adherence to company policies, time management, and data security measures to maintain accountability and efficiency. These inquiries ensure a successful remote work environment while addressing any concerns regarding potential abuse or unauthorized activities.

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Investigative Services
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Third Coast Investigations offers a multitude of services. Our goal of our work is too make sure my clients are satisfied. We stop at nothing to get the results that are necessary to complete a case. Contact us at (262) 510-5193 or [email protected]

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