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The Pros and Cons of Surveillance (City) There’s no telling where your mark may go, so this month we’re offering a guide on the pro and cons of surveillance in cities, suburbs, and rural areas with tips to mitigate the cons. Cities like Milwaukee and Madison are full of people, buildings, and unpredictable traffic patterns.

How Much Should a PI Charge? Anyone who is self-employed struggles with the question – what should I charge? And sadly, most self-employed workers undercharge themselves. Most will remember rates should cover the time and work you spend on a client’s case, but fail to take into account the tradeoff of a contract. By taking

5 Facts About Private Investigators   Surveillance. Most private investigators don’t utilize the FBI surveillance vans that you see on CSI, Criminal Minds, or any other criminal justice shows on the air. A private investigator usually conducts surveillance in an “average” car (for example, a Toyota Camry). So, what is surveillance all about? It’s a

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