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Third Coast Investigations is proud to serve Waukesha County with our variation of investigative services. Including the cities of: Waukesha, New Berlin, Brookfield, Oconomowoc, Delafield, Pewaukee, Hartland, Menomonee Falls, Muskego, Sussex, Elm Grove, Lannon, Nashotah, Butler, Big Bend, Eagle, etc. We are proud to be your Waukesha private investigator!

Third Coast Investigations offers the following services:

Asset Searches: We conduct asset searches for clients who are in need to find an individual or business assets. Our agency only uses programs that are highly sought upon by the private investigation world, these programs are only accessible to private investigators and law enforcement. Asset searches can help in a time of divorce, business partner due diligence, employee fraud, before you lend out money, victim of fraud, etc.

Background Checks: Our agency conducts background checks for various employers and individuals. A background check can include information from current and history of residences to current employer and history of employment. With the program accessible to Third Coast Investigations we have a wide variety of different searches we can conduct. Ranging from a simple background check to a complex background check. Either way Third Coast Investigations is your agency.

Child Custody: Child custody is of extreme importance to parents and loved ones. If you believe they are not being properly taken care of, our agency is at your service. We collect evidence of their actions and submit video’s to your case management profile. Giving you consistent updates. Utilizing our other services, we can locate, conduct a background check, an asset search, to give our clients useful information when taking their case to court. Private detectives are highly sought upon in the courtroom when undertaking a testimonial.

Digital Forensics: Our digital forensics team excels in helping you find lost files and protecting those files from future invasions. Whether you’re looking to recover that manuscript you accidentally deleted from your computer or want to protect the business assets you access and store on your phone, we’re Waukesha’s top provider of digital security and file retrieval.

Elder Abuse Investigations: Simply put, people should not be abused. Unfortunately, others think differently and believe they can take advantage of others. Not only is it socially unacceptable, legally there are laws that abusers are violating. Each year thousands of frail elders are abused by physical, sexual, financial abuse. This is intolerable, and that is why Third Coast Investigations is at your service.

Services Continued

Infidelity Investigations: Infidelity is an unfortunate reality, no one wants to be cheated on. Nor does one deserve to be indebted towards someone when they are being unfaithful. Infidelity Investigations are usually resolved by following the individual and conducting surveillance.

Insurance Investigations: Insurance fraud is quite common in today’s world. Little do these individuals know that there are people like private detectives out there to disprove their false claims. Third Coast Investigations is proud to specialize in insurance investigations.

Missing Person Investigations: Our agency works on a variety of missing person investigations including: a missing individual, a friend or loved one that you would like to reconnect with, someone that has fled from a financial contact, etc.

Network Security: Sometimes the weak point in your cybersecurity system is not your devices, but your actual network. Protect your home and business with the inclusion of network security aids such as VPNs, private clouds, and secure router and modem configuration. Anti-viral software on your computer may not be enough.

Surveillance Investigations: Surveillance operations are a private investigators specialty. Nor is it just a private investigators specialty, Third Coast Investigations surely specializes in this service. Conducting multiple surveillance cases, we are proud to announce our surveillance operations as one of the best.

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Why Third Coast Investigations?

Our agency is right in between the Milwaukee County and Waukesha County line, meaning we are very familiar with Waukesha County. Not only are we familiar with the area, we have many resources in the area that would be great assistance with your case.


Third Coast Investigations is proud to offer extremely low prices along with experienced investigators. We offer our services throughout the state of Wisconsin and the Waukesha area.

  • Low prices

  • Serving all of Waukesha

  • Unique services provided

  • Experienced investigators

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Third Coast Investigations realizes that each case is different. Our agency communicates directly with our client to make sure the case turns out positively.

Offering low prices and prestigious services, we are picked by clients day by day. Third Coast Investigations offers services in Waukesha and the state of Wisconsin.

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How much does a private investigator cost in Waukesha, Wisconsin?

A Waukesha Private Investigator can range from $60 to $150 an hour based upon the investigation agency’s experience and longevity in the field. Some surveillance cases cost more based upon how far the surveillance case might be for the investigator and if they are following the subject continually. Most cases range from 10 to 40 hours.


How to become a investigator in Waukesha, Wisconsin

A Waukesha private investigator must first obtain their Wisconsin private investigator license through the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

  • You must submit multiple forms (including completing and passing a background check)
  • Get your fingerprints scanned
  • Pay a fee (If you are a veteran you can be excluded)
  • Be employed by a private investigation agency

Being a investigator in Waukesha, Wisconsin can be fulfilling as you are able to conduct surveillance in a city known to be a major manufacturer in water, beer, soda, dairy products, iron and steel.


How does a private investigator find someone in places like Waukesha, Wisconsin?

A private investigator finds individuals from conducting interviews, using databases only accessible to private investigators, and other sources like public records.
A Waukesha Private Investigator can be a great asset to you if you want to specifically find someone in the Waukesha, Wisconsin area. As this investigator knows where to go to obtain public records. Also may know the area and can conduct surveillance at nearby locations.

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