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We believe that our experience, reputation for success, and knowledge of the Janesville area makes us well-suited to meet your investigative needs. We have demonstrated a capability to deliver evidence-based results that can help support a court case or inform your important decisions.

Services offered by Third Coast Investigations:

Asset Search

We conduct asset searches to give you insight into the financial situation of anyone you might sign a contract with. This can help verify their reliability and prevent fraud during a business deal, or confirm an equal division of assets during a divorce. We can ensure your investment of time and money is well-informed.

Background Check

Verifying basic information about a person and checking their credibility is one of the fundamental services we offer. Whether you’re an employer wanting to know the reliability of a new worker or an individual wanting be fully informed before inviting someone into your life, we provide different levels of background checks depending on your needs.

Digital Forensics 

Digital theft can happen to anyone from anywhere. If you suspect you’ve been hacked or someone is accessing your data, our digital forensics team can perform a thorough sweep on all your devices. We’ll learn if someone has been tracking your habits or has accessed your private files, then shut them down.

Missing Person Investigations

Whether they went missing long ago or recently, Third Coast Investigations can help find the people that are important to you. Our familiarity with the local area and our years of missing person investigations means that we will do everything in our power to help you find a loved one.

Infidelity Investigations

People don’t want to think about infidelity in their romantic relationships, but sometimes it’s important to know. At Third Coast Investigations, we can find the truth about what’s going on and give you certainty about your partner’s activities. In cases where there is infidelity, the evidence we gather can be used in divorce cases.

Other Services

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know. We’d be glad to hear about your specific needs.

Services continued...

Insurance Investigations

Third Coast Investigations has a proven track record of successful insurance investigations. If you suspect someone or an organization is committing fraud, or just want to make sure everything is as it should be in regards to a provider you are considering, we can look into the situation.

Elder Abuse Investigations

It is a sad fact that the vulnerable elderly in our society are not always well treated by their caregivers. Physical, emotional and financial mistreatment are all forms of an increasing trend of elder abuse. If you suspect one of your loved ones is being poorly treated, we can investigate the situation and provide the evidence required to help them.

Child Custody Investigations

The quality of a child’s care is critically important, especially when a third party is deciding where that child is going to spend their time. With great attention to detail, we can verify whether a child is being treated well, physically and emotionally, by a guardian. The information gathered can play an important role in determining the results of a custody case.

Network Security 

In addition to protecting company devices, the smart business owner also secures the network they use. From file storage to Internet access, Third Coast Investigations can secure your Internet network to make sure your files and data are secured when you send them, where you keep them, and on the device you open them.

Surveillance Investigations

At the heart of the private investigator’s trade, surveillance is something we take very seriously and have years of experience with.


Third Coast Investigations is available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

  • Giving clients complete satisfaction

  • Reports and videos given for each case

  • Communication throughout your entire case

  • Incomparable prices

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No case is the same. Therefore Third Coast Investigations assesses all options and discusses multiple ways to conduct your investigation.

Third Coast Investigation comes to Janesville, Wisconsin to offer only the most significant services to you. Offering a case management system, consistent contact with your investigator, and low prices. There is a reason why we are one of the most highly sought after Private Investigation Agency in Wisconsin.

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How to become an investigator in Janesville, Wisconsin

A Janesville, Wisconsin private investigator must first obtain their Wisconsin private investigator license through the Department of Safety and Professional Services. 

  • You must submit multiple forms (including completing and passing a background check)
  • Get your fingerprints scanned
  • Pay a fee (If you are a veteran you can be excluded)
  • Be employed by a private investigation agency

Being an investigator in Janesville, Wisconsin can be fulfilling as you are able to conduct surveillance in the city of Wisconsin’s Park Place.


What kind of cases do private investigators handle?

A Janesville, Wisconsin private investigator handles a multitude of different cases. The type of cases Janesville Wisconsin private investigator handles are surveillance, bug sweeps, digital forensics, child custody, infidelity investigations and much more. A private investigator usually specializes in a service or two but some agencies offer an array of services.


How much does a private investigator charge for surveillance?

A private investigator in Janesville, Wisconsin typically charges between $60 to $150 per hour. The agency might charge an additional charge for gas and mileage plus may charge for drive time. Be sure to check with their contract and their owner to define the exact charges.

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