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Series 2 – Blog #9 – The Pros and Cons of Surveillance (Rural)

There’s no telling where your mark may go, so this month we’re offering a guide on the pro and cons of surveillance in cities, suburbs, and rural areas with tips to mitigate the cons.

Wisconsin is rife with rural areas like Racine or Kenosha. The open spaces are both a blessing and a curse for private investigators, and during rural surveillance you’ll rely on equipment more. Camouflage and good cameras are a must.

Rural Pros

  • Plenty of vantage points. Flat farms, rolling hills, it’s easy to find a spot with a wide view. And with the help of a few hidden cameras, you can get shots from multiple angles.
  • Few distractions. There’s no people bumping into you, cars cutting you off, no frantic burst of speed as your mark turns a corner or makes a light you might not. You’ll always be able to keep your mark in view.

Rural Cons

  • You’re easily noticed. The lack of objects on the horizon in rural areas makes anything unusual stand out. Conceal your car, use a ghillie suit, and stay low. And in case someone asks, have a story prepared.
  • Your car. There’s no place to store a car here, no parking lot to keep it in or driveway to occupy. Leaving your car by the side of road for hours might get it labeled as abandoned. Familiarize yourself with local ordinances on abandoned cars, and consider either parking near trail heads or using a vehicle with off-road capabilities.
  • Holing up anywhere with a camera for long periods of time can make dealing with hunger and bathroom breaks hard, and the difficulty rises if you’re on the edge of a farm. While answering the call of nature is easy in the woods, finding food is harder. Fill your pockets and bags with high protein snacks.



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