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Series 3 – Blog #14 – Do you need really need a Private Investigator to catch a cheating spouse or partner?

In many cases, the thought of catching a cheating partner or spouse is fraught with anxiety, doubt and emotional reactions. Hardly one keeps a cool head and thinks about the ramifications of their actions. Many others reach for free cheating apps hoping to assuage their fears but it may just raise more questions and give rise to more stress, anger and sense of betrayal without any hard evidence or proof. As a private investigator, I believe that most of my clients are just looking for a sense of justice, closure and peace of mind. My job is to not only find irrefutable proof of their partner’s indiscretions to relieve their suspicions but also ensure that the evidence collected stands up in court for divorce settlements or child custody cases which is what most clients do in the aftermath of their partner’s betrayal.

I believe that the most important distinction that a private investigator offers is not only their experience but also their ability to work on the investigation legally. A knowledgeable and resourceful PI most certainly knows the laws of their jurisdiction and can use it to their full advantage for your case. As previously mentioned, having legally obtained evidence is crucial when it comes to representing the case in front of a court and you have to be sure that the evidence presented has been legally obtained for you.

I personally discourage people from investigating their own cases because in many cases they end up doing something illegal which could get them arrested, assaulted or hurt and on top of that, they never get the answers that they are seeking. At that point many are making emotional and irrational decisions instead of calculated, logical steps which increases their risks so it helps to have someone who is experienced at uncovering infidelity and giving you the facts that you need. Many of my clients simply do not have the time, energy, resources or expertise to conduct their own investigation so they hire a professional private investigator who are paid to put their time and effort into solving your personal case and ease your stress. The general timeline of an investigation matters individually to each case but in any event, you do not have to take time out of your own schedule to work on it on your own, especially if you are a busy person working full time, have children and running a house for example.
A licensed, professional private investigator knows best how to maximize their search for gathering evidence using up to date wide range of tools and accumulated tactics to conduct their investigations. With these resources, tools and knowledge, a PI is able to answer definitively who, what, when, how and where in their detailed investigation report as well as have photos or pictures as proof instead of a text, phone log, call or email which is not always deemed as clear evidence and might be inadmissible in court.

Therefore, my suggestion is to contact a professional, licensed private investigator if you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating on you to get definitive answers. A private investigator can get you results quickly, effectively and most importantly, legally! So give us a call today or reach out to us at Third Coast Investigations to see how we can help you.

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